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So many people have aked how can they get their message to Kim Hee-chul ? How can I get a message to Kim Hee-chul ? We are happy to inform it's possible. Here are a few of the stories shared with us from around the world, share gratitude message below:

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Who is Kim Hee-chul

Singer and actor from South Korea most famous as a member of the boy bandsĀ Super JuniorĀ and Super Junior-T. He has also been the host of variety shows like SBSā€™ Explorers of the Human Body.Ā 

Prior to Popularity

He became a member of the first generation of Super Junior following an audition for Starlight Casting System in 2002.

Random data

He is known for his interaction with fans on social media, winning awards like Best Social Network Personality at the AllKPop Awards.

Family & Everyday Life of Kim Hee-chul

He has a younger sister. He began datingĀ MOMOĀ in late 2019.Ā 

He and Eunhyuk have both been members of the popular K-pop boy group Super Junior.

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