SlikeR Video game streamer on Twitch who has played games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty for his more than 370,000 followers. He has also engaged in the Twitch Sings videos and done duets with various people.  Early life The oldest archived Twitch stream in his Twitch library was dated back to January of 2019. Though, he first […]

AvoidingThePuddle Soul Caliber World Champion and a Tekken competitor most well known for streaming on Twitch for more than 360,000 followers. Early life He launched an AvoidingthePuddle YouTube channel in September of 2010. His first videos were vlogs from Japan. Trivia He has garnered more than 200,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel with more gaming content. […]

Loserfruit Video game streamer on Twitch who plays a variety of games, but more often than not can be seen playing Fortnite, League of Legends and Call of Duty. She’s also accrued more than 2.8 million subscribers on her TheLoserfruit YouTube channel. Early life She starting getting involved in social media and utilizing YouTube and Twitch for gaming […]


Sydeon Twitch star who has gained fame for her sydeon channel. Her Minecraft gaming sessions have helped her amass more than 210,000 followers.  Early life She began her Twitch channel in October 2020. Trivia She posts modeling and cosplay content to her 140,000 Instagram followers. She streams on Twitch on behalf of Team Gen.G. Family of Sydeon Her first […]


Shroud Popular Twitch streamer who had the 3rd most-watched Twitch channel of 2018. He has over 9 million followers on the platform. He is a former member of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive team for Cloud9. He has taken first place at both major and premiere events at the HTC Reborn Invitational and the […]


Xisuma Partnered Twitch broadcaster and gaming personality known for live streaming content from Minecraft. He has gone on to amass more than 490,000 followers on the platform.  Early life In 2011, he published a YouTube video titled “Automated Melon/Pumpkin Farm Tutorial.” Trivia He shared a tutorial on how to AFK fish in Minecraft. The video was […]