A pair of police officers with rivaling mindsets, come across some valuable information that may determine the fate of humanity in the near future.  Trivia This series aired exactly six episodes before being cancelled after it’s first season. It was created and written by British author Neil Cross. 

Adult questions answer trivia questions to win prizes. When they answer incorrectly, a group of small kids must answer it instead in order to save the contestant’s game. Trivia In early development of the show, it was originally titled Five to Survive. The series is executive produced by Ricky Gervais and others, and created by Banijay Studios […]

Japanese series about six strangers who move in together which has been labeled as a dating show. The show has included series titled Boys × Girls Next Door (2012-2014), Boys & Girls in the City (2015-2016), Aloha State (2016-2017) and Opening New Doors (2017-2019). Trivia The first series, Boys × Girls Next Door, originally aired on Fuji Television’s “Cool TV.” […]

Semi-autobiographical comedy series created by comedian Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody. The plot centers on Los Angeles radio host Tig Bavaro who returns to Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi, and moves in with her brother and stepfather after her mother’s death. Trivia On January 18, 2018, the series was canceled after two seasons which Amazon explained as “part […]

Animated sitcom following the life of an average teenager, his friends, and family. Duncan just can’t wait to become an adult so he can enjoy life’s finer things such as money, freedom, cars and girls. Reality ends up being a much harder pill to swallow.  Trivia The series was co-created by Parks and Recreation’s Amy Poehler. The first […]