Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier

About Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier Mexican model and Instagram star known for her relationship with Alejandro Fernandez.  Early life She studied interior design at the University of Guadalajara.  Trivia In 2014 she became a part-owner of a cafe in Guadalajara.  Family of Karla Laveaga Vuilleumier She has a sister, Andrea. She began dating Alejandro in 2012.  Close associates of Karla […]

Heather Feather

About Heather Feather One of the top ASMR artists on YouTube whose tingly and relaxing videos have attracted more than 500,000 subscribers. She publishes role plays, sound assortments, guided meditations and more for her followers. Early life She launched her HeatherFeatherASMR channel in September of 2012. Her first video was titled “Soft Spoken Makeup Roleplay […]