José Marques de Carvalho Jr. Award-winning filmmaker and vlogger whose short documentaries and original series’ have earned him more than 180,000 subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. He is also the founder of the Brazilian hip hop channel BUEIRO.  Early life A self-taught filmmaker, he began making videos for the internet in 2005. He would […]

Psaiko.Dino DJ who released the album #hangster in 2014 and produced the “Shutdown (TAKE DAT! REMIX)” by Skepta in 2015.  Early life He started out as a graffiti artist drawing dinosaurs before the police found him.   Trivia He created his own music at night while interning for Chimperator Productions. Family of Psaiko.Dino He has dated Souki T. […]


Riton English DJ and electronic musician who is best known for his songs such as “Beats du Jour,” “Homies and Homos” “Lost My Mind,” “Bad Guy RiRi,” and more. Early life He graduated from the University of Newcastle before beginning his career as a musician. Trivia He has many pseudonyms such as Lil’ Papi Riton, […]