LV Sharp Pop artist who released the single “I LUV YOU” in June 2013. She has over 360,000 followers on her lvtheartist Instagram account.  Early life She recorded her first single at the age of 14.  Trivia She found her manager after winning a worldwide rap contest held by Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C.  Family of LV Sharp She was born […]

Yung Jake Pop artist and rapper who has created celebrity portraits out of emojis. Some of the artists he’s depicted are Donald Glover, Rihanna, and Kim Jong-un. Early life His first musical release was the droning and electronic track “Datamosh” in 2011.  Trivia He later released tracks like “Side B*tch Finished” and “Pop a Bean Freestyle” in 2018. […]

Astronomyy British Indie R&B singer/guitarist and producer who first gained notice after he posted some of his songs online. He’s released three EPs and two singles, all independently. Early life He’s from Worcestershire, England.  Trivia He released his first EP titled There For U under his own label Lunar Surf.  Family of Astronomyy He’s owned […]