Cindy Loughridge

About Cindy Loughridge Lifestyle photographer who’s specialized in editorial, portrait and wedding photography. She also operates a photo blog on her website that features her travels and other endeavors. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.  Early life She’s lived in San Francisco.  Trivia She’s offered a lifestyle photography course on Linkedin Learning.  Family of Cindy Loughridge […]

Carolyn Drake

About Carolyn Drake Photographer who has become highly acclaimed with published collections like Wild Pigeon (2014) and solo exhibitions like Paradise Rivers. She has received some of the photography world’s most prestigious honors, including a Lang-Taylor Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship and a World Press Photo award.  Early life She did not pick up photography until […]

Gerry van der Walt

About Gerry van der Walt Photographer and public speaker who co-founded Wild Eye. He has more than 70,000 followers on her gerryvanderwalt Instagram account.  Early life He started his wildlife podcast in 2017. Trivia He has run a Wildlife Photography Podcast on African travel.  Family of Gerry van der Walt He is close to photographer Om Malik. Close associates of […]