Chris Montano Jr Photographer who captures wildlife in action, mostly shooting in California, Minnesota, Montana, and Washington. He has over 90,000 followers on his cjm_photography Instagram account.  Early life His first animal Instagram photo was of a duck cleaning itself, posted in October 2013.  Trivia He aspires to be a photographer for National Geographic.  Family […]

Or Adi

Or Adi Model and Instagram star who was known for posting pictures in a variety of fashionable clothing in different locations through Israel. His photos were known for featuring a yellow and brown color scheme.  Early life He first began sharing modeling content to his Instagram in February of 2015.  Trivia He was known […]

Ben Goldsmith English entrepreneur who co-founded the investment firm WHEB Group, which focuses on environmental sustainability and renewable energies. He is also a philanthropist, co-founding the UK Environmental Funders Network in 2008. Early life He was born in London and graduated from Eton College in Berkshire. Trivia His highly-publicized 2013 divorce played out across […]