Lama Saud Saudi Arabian journalist, producer and television presenter who became known for her work on Alghad TV. She has attracted fans to her Instagram page where she shares travel and lifestyle pictures with over 70,000 followers. Early life She became affiliated with the MBC broadcasting company. Trivia She has been a partner of YAS Travel […]

Adrenalize DJ and producer known for his euphoric hardstyle beats. He rose to prominence after joining the Scantraxx Crew at the age of 15. Early life He started messing around with basic music production software at the age of ten. Trivia He’s collaborated with the likes of Unifite, Arkaine, Omegatypez, and Wasted Penguinz. Family […]

Tony Junior Dutch DJ who first gained fame for the hit “Loesje” created alongside partner Nicholas Nox. After his resolution to begin a solo career, he released a number of popular songs including “Feelin’ Kinda Strange,” “Michael Jordan,” and “Twerk Anthem.” Early life He created his Twitter account and posted his first tweet in […]

Ilkin Hasani Business executive and broadcast television personality who founded the Azerbaijani entertainment conglomerate İLK Media. He is also recognized for his tenure with the Azad Azerbaijan TV & Radio Broadcast Company. Early life He attended the University Of Art & Culture Azerbaijan Republic. Trivia He was a celebrity ambassador at the 2015 European Games. Family of Ilkin […]