Sizz Professional e-sports competitor who is known for playing the vehicular soccer video game Rocket League. He has gone on to amass more than 140,000 followers on his Sizz Twitch channel, which was formerly named SizzDoe.  Early life He was a biology major in college. Trivia He played Rocket League as a member of the e-sports team […]

Porsche Cooper Celebrity makeup artist whose clients have included entertainers like Azealia Banks, NeNe Leakes and June Ambrose. Her work has been featured in Vogue, L’Officiel Paris, Harper’s Bazaar and more.   Early life She originally wanted to become a lawyer but gravitated toward makeup while attending the University of Texas. She began working for MAC shortly thereafter.   Trivia She did Beyonce’s […]

Naval Ravikant He co-founded a platform called Angel List which helped startups raise money directly from Angel investors.  He’s himself invested in some of the most successful tech companies including Twitter, Uber, and Postmates. Early life In 1999 during the dot-com boom, he co-founded consumer review website Epinions.  The company would later merge with another […]