About Ivory Former WWE Diva best known as a three-time WWF Women’s Champion. Prior to that, she wrestled as Tina Ferrari in the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion. Early life She was a cheerleader for the United States Football League’s Los Angeles Express. Trivia She founded the animal grooming company Downtown Dog in 2007. Family […]

Cecilia Avelar

About Cecilia Avelar Social media personality who is famous for her self-titled Instagram account. She has earned popularity there for her selfies, modeling, and fitness tips and workout vignettes.  Early life She began publishing regularly to Instagram in May 2015.  Trivia Her Instagram account was deactivated.  Family of Cecilia Avelar She was born and raised […]

Gloomy Sarah

About Gloomy Sarah YouTube star who is famous for her Gloomy Sarah channel. She has gained popularity there for her fashion lookbooks, makeup tutorials, and challenges.  Early life She began her YouTube channel in November 2016.  Trivia She has earned more than 150,000 YouTube subscribers. She has also gained more than 70,000 Instagram followers.  Family […]

Alejandra Amedinar

About Alejandra Amedinar TikTok star known for her dance moves and lip-syncing videos. She has over 390,000 followers and 13 million likes.  Early life She joined Instagram in February 2018.  Trivia She graduated high school in 2021. Family of Alejandra Amedinar She is dating TikTok star Jose Gonzalez. Her dad is featured in some of her videos.  Close […]