Justin Laboy Motivational speaker and Instagram personality known for sharing tweets and relatable text messages on his verified Instagram account. He has more than 2.9 million followers on the platform. Early life Prior to finding fame on Instagram he was a professional basketball player. Trivia He is credited for having popularized the hashtag #respectfully.  Family […]

Jay Wolf

Jay Wolf Motivational speaker who shares the inspirational story of how his wife Katherine suffered a massive brain stem stroke at age 26 and survived. The couple authored the 2016 book Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and an Overcoming Love. Early life He studied at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Trivia Sony Pictures optioned the […]

Andrie Wongso Entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the CEO of Andrie Wongso Motivation Industry. He founded the company Harvest, initially a card-greeting company that has since expanded into diverse fields such as toys, food, education, and film.  Early life He was forced to finish school in grade six after the only Mandarin-speaking school in his area closed […]

Tobias Beck German motivational speaker and coach. He works with seminar company Success Resources.  Early life He studied psychology at University of Duisburg-Essen.  Trivia He is an ambassador for Clean the Ocean Foundation.  Family of Tobias Beck He and his wife Rita have children are Emil and Maya. Close associates of Tobias Beck He studied under Tony Robbins.