Kimberly Wadsworth

About Kimberly Wadsworth Lifestyle, food, haul and family vlogger who owns and operates a YouTube channel called THE WADS.  Early life She initially created her YouTube channel with a username of MamaBearShares.  Trivia She worked at a Placenta Encapsulation service called Fruit Of Your Womb.  Family of Kimberly Wadsworth She is the youngest of five children […]

Darryl Postelnick

About Darryl Postelnick TikTok star known for his cookingwithdarryl account where he posts cooking tutorials. His account has gained over 1.6 million followers and more than 22 million likes. Early life He graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1987, where he studied Marketing. His first TikTok is a post from October 2020, and features him demonstrating how to make […]