Dina Ahmad

About Dina Ahmad Social media starlet who was famous for her prettydina_6 Instagram account. She earned massive popularity there for her fashion and glamorous modeling alongside personal lifestyle photoblogging.  Early life She began her Instagram account in August 2016.  Trivia Her Instagram account was deactivated.  Family of Dina Ahmad Her son’s name was Ahmad.  Close […]

Hugh Laurie

About Hugh Laurie Best known for playing the title role of Dr. Gregory House on the hit TV series House M.D. He was cast in the 2015 feature Tomorrowland. In 2019, he began starring in Hulu’s Catch-22. He previously was in the BBC miniseries The Night Manager. Early life He became involved with stars Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry, during […]

Flor Vigna

About Flor Vigna Trained dancer in addition to actress, model and acrobat seen on Spanish television programs. Her professional fame led to a huge social media presence including 5 million Instagram followers and 1.6 million Twitter followers.  Early life She was the recipient of multiple scholarships and would attend the Instituto de Enseñanza Superior “Juan […]

Henry Cisneros

About Henry Cisneros Under the presidential administration of Bill Clinton, Cisneros served as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Previously, he had held office as Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. Early life After earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Urban Planning from Texas A&M University, he received advanced degrees in Public Administration from […]