Joey Byun

About Joey Byun Content creator who accrued 200,000 fans on his joeybyun TikTok account by sharing situational comedy skits, lip-sync dialogue, jokes and storytime videos. He also posts trends and challenges. His account has garnered 11 million likes.  Early life He joined TikTok in January 15, 2021.  Trivia His joey.byun Instagram account features a collection of relaxed […]


About Technoblade Video gaming YouTuber who has racked up 8 million subscribers thanks to his many comedy and Minecraft videos. He created a series for his channel called Skywars. Early life He was originally known online as TechnoThePig. Trivia His video “Beating Minecraft Hardcore mode with a steering wheel” has surpassed 12 million views. Family of Technoblade He […]

Dusty Ray

About Dusty Ray Artist who distinguished himself with his surreal illustrations and dark art. He produced miniature original gouache/oil paintings and made them available in an Etsy shop. Early life Growing up around wildlife was influential in what he used as subject matter for his work. Trivia He published his portfolio to an Instagram account […]