Gregory Masouras Photographer who started AnimationInreality in 2014 to turn real-life models into Disney princesses. He turned Gigi Hadid into Aurora and Jennifer Lawrence into Rapunzel on the cover of Vogue America. He has over 130,000 followers on his gregorymasouras Instagram account.  Early life He started his AnimationInreality when he considered editing a cloud that looked like a Batman logo. Trivia He […]

Rebecca Scheja Swedish disc jockey, music producer, vocalist, and film actress known for her Grammis Award-winning duo DJ act with Fiona Fitzpatrick. Her film credits include roles in Bröllopsfotografen (The Wedding Photographer) and Den Bästa Sommaren (The Best Summer). Early life Early in her acting career, she appeared in a 1997 romantic comedy titled […]

Paris Gerrard Famous for having created the fashion, lifestyle, and art-based blog Charcoal Alley. She has subsequently gained massive popularity to her charcoalalley Instagram account for her lifestyle and artistic photoblogging.   Early life She began regularly blogging in 2012.  Trivia She has amassed more than 80,000 followers to her Instagram account. She has had her […]