Eleanor Castravet

About Eleanor Castravet Daughter of reality star Andrei Castravet and actress Elizabeth Potthast. Her parents met on the reality show 90 Day Fiancé. Early life Her parents were married in 2017.  Trivia She often appears on her parent’s social media accounts.  Family of Eleanor Castravet Her full name is Eleanor Louise Castrave. Close associates of Eleanor Castravet Her mom has […]

Hollie Rose Hughes

About Hollie Rose Hughes Daughter of English presenter and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.  Early life Her mother was previously married to comedian Les Dennis until 2003.  Trivia She has often appeared in photos on her mother’s popular Instagram account.  Family of Hollie Rose Hughes Her father, Chris Hughes, is a music producer. She has a sister […]

Jacqueline Wong

About Jacqueline Wong American and Hong Kong actress who has appeared in TV dramas like Inspector Gourmet and Smooth Talker. She played the role of Law Chi-wing in the 2015 show Limelight Years.  Early life One of her earliest roles was as Shum Wan-kam in 2013’s The Hippocratic Crush II.  Trivia She has gained over 550,000 followers on her Instagram account.  Family […]

Courtney Parchman

About Courtney Parchman Short-form content creator and actress who is best known for her averagefashionblogger TikTok account where she posts comedic videos and skits. She has accumulated over 650,000 followers on the social media platform.  Early life She attended Oklahoma State University.  Trivia One of her most liked TikToks features her eating Listerine breath strips. Several of her […]