Christi Scheeres

About Christi Scheeres Social media personality who became particularly known for her Sheeres Sisters Vine channel. She gained popularity there for her #6SecondCovers series, which featured her covering popular songs in 6 seconds. Early life She joined Twitter, where she began establishing her social media presence, in April 2013. Trivia She helped her Vine channel […]

Drea Célina Garcia

About Drea Célina Garcia Content creator and influencer who uploads selfies, especially taken at the beach, and family photos. Many of her selfies emphasize swimwear and fashion. She has attracted 220,000 followers to her dreacelina Instagram account.  Early life She joined Instagram in November of 2018 and uploaded her first selfie.  Trivia Her dreacelina TikTok account […]

Eve Lindley

About Eve Lindley TV actress who appeared in Mr. Robot and Outsiders, the off-Broadway production of Street Children in 2016. She can be found under the Instagram handle eveclindley.  Early life From an early age, she showed an attraction to playing with Barbies as opposed to something society would deem more masculine.   Trivia Her feature-length debut was also Katie Holmes’s directorial […]