Isaac Lea

Isaac Lea Delaware-born geologist and mollusc shell expert. His collection of freshwater bivalve mussels was displayed at Washington, D.C.’s Smithsonian Institution. Early life He was the co-owner of a Philadelphia publishing house. Trivia In 1860, he became President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Family of Isaac Lea He married Frances […]

Hugo Benioff American seismologist best known for his work studying earthquakes in the deep Pacific ocean. Early life He attended Pomona College and worked at the Mount Wilson Observatory before moving over to the Seismological Laboratory at California Institute of Technology. Trivia He designed a number of important earthquake instruments including the Benioff seismograph, […]

Marie Tharp Known for creating a topographic map of the ocean floor, she contributed greatly to geologists’ understanding of the phenomenon of continental drift. She collaborated with fellow geologist Bruce Heezen on the groundbreaking cartography project. Early life After studying music and English at Ohio University, she earned degrees in mathematics and geology from, respectively, […]