Reagan the Labradoodle Australian labradoodle whose Instagram account, Reagandoodle, is dedicated to displaying his friendship with a foster child known as Little Buddy. The pair’s lighthearted adventures are shared with more than 500,000 followers.  Early life He was adopted at eight weeks old.  Trivia He and Little Buddy starred together in their own 2018 calendar.  […]


Mugi Instagram star and Scottish fold who is the most recent addition to the account rojiman. They have 130,000 followers.  Early life He first appeared on the Instagram page on March 28, 2014, in a photo of him in a carrier. The caption read “Where am I?” Trivia He and his adopted siblings became famous […]

Shanel Cooper-Sykes Entrepreneur, spiritual influencer and author who’s advice and motivational wisdom have won her a huge following online. The Shanel Cooper-Sykes brand has amassed a huge online following with over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 80,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping 550,000 followers on Facebook.  Early life She published her first book, “Stilettos in the […]

Moussier Tombola Comedian and musician who released his single “Logobitombo (Corde à sauter)” in 2011. It hit number 5 on the French Singles Chart. He has 500,000 subscribers on his misster88 YouTube account.  Early life His first YouTube video entitled “T-Shorty – the crackery” was posted October 2008.  Trivia He released his debut album Le retour du dernier […]