Taty Alencar Vibrational artist and spiritual guide whose creations, recipes and discussions have amassed her 80,000 Instagram followers and 50,000 subscribers on YouTube.  Early life She graduated from the University of São Paulo in 2003 with a degree in architecture, and from the São Paulo Post-Graduation Institute in 2010 with a post-graduate degree in interior design […]

Sara Shakeel Contemporary conceptual collage artist who sends a message of female empowerment with her #glitterstretchmarks movement. She takes photos of women’s stretch marks and covers them with glitter. Additionally, she’s become known for superimposing different photos together. Early life She failed her final year of dental school in 2016. She had no previous […]

Linda Miller Nicholson Conceptual artist known for her plant-dyed pasta art. Her work is often abstract or features characters and animations but is created entirely of dyed pasta. She shares her unique creations and creative artworks with her over 270,000 Instagram followers.  Early life She first began sharing images of her unique artwork to Instagram […]

Larry Carlson Visual artist who uses multiple mediums to create mind-bending art in the form of psychedelic prints, contemporary collage art and “trippy” movies. Early life He began exhibiting his artwork online in 1997. Trivia His animations have been featured on Adult Swim’s Off the Air television show and in magazines like Vice, High Times and Cracked. He […]