Yukikato TikTok famous cat who appeared in various videos alongside her fellow feline friend Mautuiti. The duo would go to garner more than 2.6 million followers and 0 likes on the platform. Early life She appeared in a TikTok set to the children’s song “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Trivia She has modeled for the […]

Merlin Ragdoll Canadian Ragdoll cat who became an Instagram sensation for his resting angry face. He gained 280,000 followers on his merlinragdoll Instagram account. Early life His first photo on Instagram was posted in November 2016. Trivia He enjoys eating veggies such as cucumbers. Family of Merlin Ragdoll His owner Hailey Ward is often featured on his Instagram. […]

Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying Gray sphynx most famous for having been owned by Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying of Pentatonix fame. His time with the duo made him hugely popular on Instagram, where his wyatt_blue account currently boasts more than 80,000 followers.  Early life He was originally adopted in 2013 and began appearing on Instagram in December of that year.  Trivia He […]