Shiva Fit IFFB pro bikini competitor who competed in her first national show in late 2017. She is famous online for her YouTube channel, Shiva Sheevz, where she chronicles her bodybuilding journey in her “Unbreakable” series.  Early life She hails from the Bay Area of California.  Trivia She has been sponsored by the Toxic Angelz bikini […]

Iqbal Sayed Professional bodybuilder known for competing in different events within the International Federation of Bodybuilding. He is also a Management Consultant for several different fitness brands and companies. He shares his workout related photos along with shots from his competition events through Instagram for his over 50,000 followers.  Early life He first began his […]

Tim Budesheim German professional bodybuilder who is known for competing in several International Federation of Bodybuilding competitions with his pro card. He has earned sponsorship from brands such as Peak Performance Products, Gorilla Wear, and Climaqx and promotes them through Instagram for his over 130,000 followers.  Early life He first started sharing his fitness and […]