John Lefebvre Canadian songwriter, entrepreneur, attorney, and environmental activist. He released his debut album, Psalngs, in 2007. Early life In the late 1990s, he established an internet financial transfer company called NETeller (later Neovia). His association with the business eventually led to his arrest. Trivia His philanthropic and environmental causes included the Dalai Lama […]

Dani Olivier Professional photographer known for his self-portraits, model-taken self-portraits, and abstract nudes. His abstract nudes in particular feature optical designs projected onto models’ bodies.  Early life He graduated from HEC Paris, an international business school. He first began doing photography as a teenager when he joined a weekly photography club.  Trivia In 2011, he […]

Andy Ong One of the youngest millionaires in Singapore. He founded the Financial Planning Association of Singapore. Early life He studied at the National University of Singapore before establishing his multi-million dollar company. Trivia He sat on the board of 20 public and private companies during his career in business. Family of Andy Ong […]