Jo Kwon

About Jo Kwon Nicknamed Sacre Bleu, he is the leader of South Korean boy band 2AM and is also an actor, an MC, and an entertainer. Early life He was a trainee at JYP Entertainment, becoming the longest-serving JVP male trainee. Trivia He and Sun-Ye of Wonder Girls were chosen for Park Jin Young’s “99% Challenge Project.” […]

Kimberly Ann Funk

About Kimberly Ann Funk Gained fame as the mother of professional scooter riders Capron and Corey Funk.  Early life She was originally from East Liverpool, Ohio. She moved to Kauai, Hawaii in 1985.  Trivia Supportive of her sons’ scooter career early in their lives, she organized scooter clinics at their local skate park.  Family of Kimberly Ann Funk She […]

Courtney Marmo

About Courtney Marmo Rising YouTube personality whose views per video started to gain momentum after posting a couple of videos called “Paranormal Babysitting Experience w/ Footage” and “Reacting to Jacob Sartorius.” Early life She had been home-schooled since the second grade. She started YouTube with her friend Hannah after previously giving a shot by herself. […]

Jordana Doylet

About Jordana Doylet Ecuadorian singer who is well-known for songs such as “Amante Ausente”, “Un Día Más”, and “Hermanos Ecuatorianos”. She has also amassed over 360,000 followers on her eponymous Instagram account.  Early life She released her debut self-titled album in 2018. She first posted to her Instagram account in June 2012.  Trivia She has been […]