Yasin Osman Award winning photographer known for capturing images and evoking emotion from subjects in the living world. With a combination of photo journalism and documentary filmmaking, his images describe different conditions of life and take individual moments and make the relatable. He shares his photos with his over 40,000 Instagram followers.  Early life Growing […]

Mike Candys Swedish producer and DJ who shot to stardom with the 2011 track “Insomnia.” He later released highly successful singles like “One Night in Ibiza” and “2012 (If the World Would End).” Early life He was born in Zurich and first gained national attention with the single “La Serenissima” in 2008. Trivia His […]

Jelani Cobb Writer and teacher who became a staff writer at The New Yorker in 2015. He has been a history professor at the University of Connecticut and a journalism professor at Columbia University.  Early life He graduated from Jamaica High School in Queens, New York before attending Howard University. He later earned a PhD in American history from Rutgers […]