Arash Mohseni Iranian electronic and dance DJ known for songs like  “Allah Allah Ya Baba” and “Türkçe Pop Karışık”.  Early life His first Soundcloud upload was in 2010, and was a remix of “We Speak No Americano”.  Trivia He produces the monthly podcast MASQUERADE.  Family of Arash Mohseni He has one sister.  Close associates of […]

Seung-tae Choi Gamer name Bdosin, he is a professional Overwatch player whose common team role became the support position. He joined London Spitfire in November 2017 after previously playing with Cloud9 KongDoo and Team KongDoo Panthera also in 2017. Early life The first professional team he played with was wNv.KR. Trivia He helped London Spitfire win on the major tier […]