Zahi Hawass Egyptian archaeologist who served as his country’s Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs in 2011. He’s worked at numerous archaeological sites including the Nile Delta, the Western Desert and the Upper Nile Valley. Early life He earned degrees from Alexandria University, Cairo University and the University of Pennsylvania. Trivia He received the American Academy of Achievements’ Golden […]

Marija Gimbutas Lithuanian-American archaeologist known for her research on Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures. She is best known for advocating the theory that pre-Indo-European societies were matriarchal. Early life She studied at Vytautas Magnus University and the University of Vilnius. Trivia She is known for her Kurgan hypothesis, which locates the Proto-Indo-European homeland in […]

Bob Brier Best known by his nickname of “Mr. Mummy,” this Egyptologist is particularly famous for his research on ancient diseases. He also hosted several documentary television programs about Ancient Egypt. Early life After graduating from the City University of New York’s Hunter College, he received an advanced degree in philosophy from the University […]

Ole Worm Danish physician and antiquary who collected ancient stone, fossils, and taxidermy animals. In 163u he determined that unicorns do not exist. Early life He continued his education after receiving his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Basel in 1611. Trivia Most of his ‘scientific’ studies didn’t employ the methods of […]

Alana Cordy-Collins Archaeologist specializing in Peruvian history. He has excavated several historically-important tombs including the Royal Tombs of Sipan in 1987. Early life She received her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles. Trivia She excavated the Dos Cabezas pyramid, which revealed mummified “giants” who stood over 6 […]