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About the Purelog Theme

Purelog is a responsive, sidebar theme for the popular JAMstack generator Jekyll that only uses the minimal Pure.css framework (hence the name!), while still following the best practices possible for accessibility and search-engine optimization.

I created this after finishing Watery (which this theme is built off of), as a way to add more functionality and design while still remaining as lightweight as possible.

This project is aimed towards those looking for an interesting theme for Jekyll that has features that aren’t found commonly elsewhere, which I’ll list down below.


Here are a few interesting features of this Jekyll theme:

  • A fully customizable and empty _BLANK_config.yml to make getting up-and-running easy.
  • A speedy, on-site search function using Simply Jekyll Search.
  • Custom collections for different types of material (note-taking, journal writing, etc.)
  • An auto-generating archive page that displays all entries from all collections.
  • Having a _pages collection for easier organization.
  • An author bio at the end of each post. (Located in _inclues/author.html)
  • Full Rouge support for syntax highlighting. (Currently using base16.solarized.light)
  • Auto-generated RSS feed, sitemap, accessibility features, and search-engine optimization.