About Live-action comedy/crime film following the escapades of 101 Dalmatians’ iconic villain Cruella de Vil. The movie depicts the early days of the character and serves as a sort of origin story. The film was directed by Craig Gillespie. Trivia The film features an original song by Florence + the Machine titled “Call Me Cruella.” Actress Glenn Close, who played the titular villain […]


About Love becomes complex when distant lovers can’t resist the temptation of adultery and promiscuity. This 2004 film was written by and based on Patrick Marber’s 1997  award-winning play “Close.” The film was nominated for Best Drama Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards in 2005. For their individual performances, both Clive Owen and Natalie Portman won a Golden Globe award […]

My Holo Love

About Limited Korean series about a woman stricken with a face blindness disorder who begins using an AI program whose appearance matches that of the developer. The developer then slowly falls in love with the woman, but she does not feel the same. Trivia  Lee Hye-young served as executive producer on the series. Lee Sang-yeop directed […]